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(with annual turnover less than £500k per annum)

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We're not Solicitors, but ...

... our legally qualified Consultants will solve your contractual problems fast at a fraction of the cost!

We're not a PR, Marketing or Ad Agency but ...

... our marketing experts can help you get more profitable enquiries and win more orders!

We're not Debt Collectors or an Invoice Factoring Company, but ...

... our professionally qualified Consultants will help you get paid on time and what's rightfully yours!

We're not a Trade Association, but ...

... we help Specialist Contractors just like you find cost effective solutions to your problems!

We may not be any of the above but we are ...

The UK's Leading Support Network for the Smaller Specialist Contractors

Call Us Now: (01773) 712116

Are you one of the thousands of small UK based Specialist Contractors? Here's how to access discounted contractual advice and other support services**

As a StreetwiseSubbie Silver Buddy, you are entitled to discounted professional advice every single month, and our professionally qualified team are all construction experts who understand your business, and get to the nub of your problems quickly and effectively.

You only pay a low cost subscription which covers all the other fantastic benefits listed below.

At only £17.30 +VAT a week it's a unique alternative to other, more conventional and expensive ways to access legal advice, and it isn't limited to just solving your current problem. You can use this advice to resolve any other commercial, contractual or business development matter that you might be struggling with, and use it to help protect and grow your business for the future.

As Gerard says in the video above:

"It's an affordable support network that provides all the help and advice Specialist contractors need."

For an immediate solution to your current problem, simply sign up to our low cost high value Silver Buddy package now.

Lots of other Specialist Sub-Contractors just like you have placed their trust in our experts for the last 26 years. We know that when you are experiencing a contractual or legal problem you need effective advice from experts that genuinely understand construction.

Here's what a couple more of our buddies think about the benefits of being a Streetwise Silver Buddy:

Call Us Now: (01773) 712116

A Wealth of Expertise About Construction Law

Our Consultants have built up a wealth of experience in the construction and engineering industries in relation to all manner of legal issues. The following are typical of the successful outcomes we are helping Specialist Sub-Contractors to achieve;

Contractual Advice - Dispute Resolution

We have extensive experience of providing advice on contracts and related documents.

As Specialist Sub-Contracting is all about entering into legally binding contracts (with Contractors or Clients) you will be pleased to know that's Consultants have the knowledge, tenacity and expertise to help you resolve your contractual and legal problems quickly and effectively.


Representing Specialist Contractors as Referring and Responding Party in adjudication and enforcing adjudicators' decisions through the Technology and Construction Court.


Our Consultants have represented sub-contractors in several successful arbitrations.

Technology and Construction Court

We work with Construction Solicitors who regularly represent Specialist Contractors in the Technology and Construction Court.


We can help you to find effective solutions without the expense of formal action.

Short Term Solutions and Long Term Protection

Your low cost package provides you with access to all the support you will ever need, as and when you need it, and at an affordable price!

Becoming a StreetwiseSubbie Silver Buddy entitles you to access our experienced industry professionals who can help you with all your business problems and show you how to grow your business and resolve your commercial and contractual problems quickly and cost effectively.

One low monthly subscription that you can cancel any time!
No long term commitment.*


When You Need Help to Resolve Your Commercial and Contractual and Business Development Problems ...

Here's 10 Great Reasons why you should join us ...

  • StreetwiseSubbie provides telephone help-lines offering professional advice on a wide range of business issues affecting Specialist Contractors including contractual and legal; marketing; health and safety; and ISO Certification
  • Every month you can improve the wealth and security of your business
  • Connects you easily and efficiently with professionals who understand your business and can solve your problems quickly and cost effectively
  • Stops you getting screwed and protects your contractual interests rather than simply hoping for the best
  • Helps you to make more profit out of the work you have got, rather than taking on more and more work for less and less
  • StreetwiseSubbie gives you easy to follow guidance specifically for Specialist Contractors on a range of issues to help you run your businesses
  • From the Construction Act to contracts to adjudication, we explain what it means for Specialist Contractors, what you need to do and how you can do it
  • Keeping up to date with changes with legislation, and working practices is vital for any business and StreetwiseSubbie publishes all the latest news for Specialist Contractors via SubContracting Today and
  • Our exclusive LinkedIn Group is a forum for Buddies with 2,195 Specialist Contractors (as at February 2017) and it's a great place to keep yourself informed about what's happening
  • Our main objective is to improve your business life, and by working together at grass roots level Streetwisesubbie helps all Specialist Contractors to show the true value of the supply chain, and campaigns hard on issues such as Fair Treatment for all

Call Us Now: (01773) 712116

Here's Your Whole Support Package Exclusively for Specialist Contractors ...

Advice from industry experts: Your package entitles you to discounted rates on advice from our Nationwide Support Network© of experienced industry professionals who can help you with all your business problems and show you how to grow your business and resolve your commercial and contractual problems quickly and cost effectively.

2 x StreetwiseSubbie Power Resource Toolkits© We start your Toolkit with the folders ready made for your two unique Power Resource Manuals© dedicated to "Commercial and Contractual" matters and "Sales and Marketing". Together these will build each month into Power Resource Manuals© worth in excess of a staggering £2,000!

The Commercial and Contractual Power Resource Manual© will ultimately provide everything you need to protect your commercial and contractual interests.

The Sales and Marketing Power Resource Manual© is designed to get you thinking about how to market your services and then build month by month on your expertise.

FREE monthly informational hard copy magazine "Subcontracting Today" posted directly to your door.

FREE! Website Access StreetwiseSubbie has a comprehensive website designed to help you in your day-to-day business activities.

FREE! Email Support on tap If you can't find what you need within the Streetwise Power Resources Toolkit© or on the website, then you can simply email any questions you have relating to any aspect of your business and StreetwiseSubbie will find you the answer.

Low Cost Workshops To ensure that you get the best out of your StreetwiseSubbie Silver status Buddies can access ongoing support and inspiration throughout the year at our exclusive low cost workshops and you can send as many delegates as you like!

So whatever you're looking for as a Specialist Contractor there's something here for you and ...

You get all this for just £17.30+VAT per week!

There's no long term commitment* - you can cancel at anytime after your initial 6 month period.

Forgive the expression but you can see why we think it's "A No Brainer!".

* Minimum 12 month contract

** StreetwiseSubbie Silver Buddy is only available to UK Specialist Contractors with a turnover of less than £500k. If your turnover exceeds £500k please click here: Gold Buddy.

Don't miss out! Start solving your problems today ...

Call Us Now: (01773) 712116

StreetwiseSubbie is all about your wealth and security, now and in the future:

"We provide a unique service, exclusively for Specialist Sub-Contractors. Our service is completely different from the kind of thing you may already be getting from your Trade Association, Solicitor or other provider , because it provides you with an economical means to access a nationwide network of leading industry experts, who can help you with over 40 different aspects of your business! Our expert team of professionals provide all the expertise and support you need to resolve your problems and grow your business. Our goal is your wealth and security, now and in the future."

Barry J Ashmore Founder and MD Ltd

Our Buddies wouldn't be without us

"StreetwiseSubbie has already added to our contractual awareness and we can see how their marketing expertise will help us in the's definitely a good deal and very informative!"

Stuart Bailey (Managing Director)
William Bailey Ltd

"StreetwiseSubbie provides no nonsense marketing advice that's easy to understand and gives us a straightforward plan of action we can work through together."

Ian Radford (Managing Director)
MI Electrical Solutions Limited

"StreetwiseSubbie provided us with marketing consultancy services for copy writing and got us top quality press coverage in our area."

Tim Keyes (Managing Director)
NWP Electrical and Mechanical Limited

"Sub-Contractor friendly, down to earth commercial and contractual advice and support that has already helped us enormously."

Karl Bradshaw (Director)
B&S Electrical Contractors Ltd

"A company went bump on us owing quite a bit of money. Andrew (Our Streetwise Consultant) guided us through our options and we are now working with the end client to re-coup some of our losses ... the moral of this story, get signed up to StreetwiseSubbie and make use of what it has to offer."

Gerard Duffy (Managing Director)
Enterprise Electrical Ltd

Short Term Solutions and Long Term Protection

Call Us Now: (01773) 712116

One low monthly subscription that you can cancel any time!
No long term commitment.*

  • Exclusively for the Smaller

  • Specialist Sub-Contractors

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